Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) 2020 - Environmental Crimes

    Date Served Offence Location
    28.05.2020 Duty of Care Cocknage Road , Staffordshire
    14.07.2020 Duty of Care Bradley, Staffordshire
    05.08.2020 PSPO Lawnsfield Walk, Stafford
    25.02.2020 Littering Mustang Drive, Stafford
    11.03.2020 Flytipping Old Road, Stone
    01.04.2020 Duty of Care A51, Stone
    20.04.2020 Littering Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield
    22.04.2020 Abandoned Vehicle Vaughan Way, Stafford
    04.05.2020 Duty of Care Outwoods
    13.05.2020 Abandoned Vehicle Old Road, Stone
    18.05.2020 Flytipping Marston, Staffordshire

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