Floral Decorations, Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

    We have the following advertising opportunities available:

    The council does not currently offer advertising on any of our bus shelters.


    Please note that Fly Posting (attaching advertising posters, banners, placards, notices, signs, flyers or stickers onto lampposts, trees, railings, litter bins or any other structure without permission) is illegal.

    Advertising on roundabouts and flower beds in Stafford

    We have over 20 roundabouts and shrub/flower beds in Stafford available for businesses and other organisations to advertise on.

    To advertise on roundabouts email streetscene@staffordbc.gov.uk

    Many of our roundabouts and beds are located in areas that experience high levels of traffic at peak times throughout the week and signs are exposed to public viewing 24/7 for 365 days a year.


    Broad Eye Roundabout
    Redhill Island
    Greyfriars Roundabout
    Gaol Square Island
    Lammascote Island
    Beaconside Island
    Newport Road (Castlefields)
    Queensville (Retail Park)
    Silkmore Lane
    Central Reservation (Asda)
    Acton Gate
    West Way/Newport Road traffic lights
    Various Beds

    Traffic Management Design Services Ltd
    Bellway Homes
    Stafford Computing
    Yarlet School
    Footsteps Nursery
    Bellway Homes
    Weeping Cross Fish Bar
    This Is Fitness
    Stone Group
    Soup Kitchen
    Your Council Pest Control Services
    This Is Fitness


    We offer a three tier pricing structure (roundabouts only) that offers discounts in exchange for longer term advertising agreements.



    1 year
    2 years
    3 years


    Full price
    10% discount
    15% discount

    Each new arrangement will require a formal agreement to be signed. This details the nature of the agreement, including price.

    The annual price includes the installation of your initial signs (additional charge applies to each sign that is subsequently changed).

    We write to current advertisers each year to remind them of the status of their arrangement. Those coming to the end of their agreement will have the opportunity to renew.

    Please note: Signs are 600mm x 440mm and must feature the Stafford Borough Council logo in the top right-hand corner (blank template supplied as pdf) and restrictions apply.

    To enquire about advertisements or be added to our waiting list please email streetscene@staffordbc.gov.uk or call 01785 619401.

    Sponsorship of Stafford Borough Council's Community Awards

    Stafford Borough Council’s Community Awards are open to all public, private and voluntary sector organisations and individuals who are contributing to community wellbeing in Stafford Borough.  For more information about the Awards as well as details of past winners please view our webpage.               

    Organisations interested in sponsoring this annual event are invited to email communityawards@staffordbc.gov.uk for more information

    Summer Hanging Baskets

    image of hanging basket created by Streetscene


    We offer large, high quality hanging baskets to businesses and organisations in and close to Stafford and Stone town centres. By taking a hanging basket, organisations are ensuring that Stafford and Stone continue to provide wonderful displays that residents, workers and visitors can enjoy throughout the summer months.

    The baskets are delivered at the end of May or early June (weather permitting) and, depending on the season, remain for approximately 16 weeks. The price includes watering and dead heading.

    Baskets have a reservoir in the base that can hold sufficient water for three days.

    To enquire about summer hanging baskets please email streetscene@staffordbc.gov.uk or call 01785 619401.

    Hiring of formal displays

    Awards planting by Streetscene

    We have a wide range of plants suitable for formal events, exhibitions etc that can be hired at competitive rates. The plants are nurtured in the greenhouse at Victoria Park in Stafford and our team of experts will deliver and assemble to suit your needs.

    To enquire about formal displays please email streetscene@staffordbc.gov.uk or call 01785 619401.

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