Health and Wellbeing

    World Suicide Prevention Day - 10 September 2020

    #TalkSuicide is a campaign developed by Staffordshire County Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, local hospitals and NHS community services.

    We’re working together to help prevent suicide by: 

    • Making it easier for people to talk about suicide.
    • Increasing awareness about the myths, facts and stats around suicide.
    • Giving local people easy access to online suicide prevention training for free.
    • Empowering individuals, communities, organisations and businesses to show their support and take action to help prevent suicide.

    On World Suicide Prevention Day (#WSPD2020)10 September, we want to let people know about the campaign, which will launch fully later in the year. 

    For more information on Talk Suicide - World Suicide Prevention Day

    Our Vision

    Our focus is to constantly improve the quality of life of local people by providing a safe, clean and attractive place for residents to live and work, and encourage people to engage in developing strong communities as set out in the Stafford Borough Council Corporate Business Plan 2018-2021 (pdf 985kb). 

    Health in All We Do

    We have committed to take a 'Health in All We Do' approach with our partners to ensure that the health of local people is paramount in everything we do.

    The Health and Housing and Environmental and Health services work closely together and through partnership work with other organisations to utilise local assets and to develop more efficient and effective services for communities to access.

    We support and promote a number of projects to provide ways for local people to get involved in building a better community, to participate in a more active lifestyle and to connect with other local people or service providers.

    Community Development

    At the Council we focus on Community Development, the process of community members coming together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems that face our residents and the communities in which they live.

    Read more about Community Development in Stafford Borough.

    Stafford Borough Council Litter Campaign

    Working with community groups to organise litter picks that can help keep the Borough clean. Visit our Keep it Clean page for more information.

    Contact: Rebecca Espley, Tel: 01785 619000, Email:


    Allotment gardening provides a wide range of benefits to communities and the environment. Visit out Allotments page for more information.

    Walking for Health

    A programme of short, led walks for people looking to increase their activity gradually in a support environment and a range of Doorstep Walk maps for people to use at their leisure. Visit out Walking for Health page for more information.

    Contact: Health and Wellbeing Team, Tel: 01785 619000

    Self Help

    You can find advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and a range of external resources providing further information. Read more about Self Help and Leading a healthy Lifestyle. 

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