Health and Wellbeing

    The Health and Wellbeing Team here at the Council are part of the Health and Housing and Environmental and Health services and work closely with both to help provide a safe, clean and positive place to live here in Stafford Borough. The Health and Wellbeing Teams top priority is to improve the quality of life of local people by encouraging people to be engaged in developing strong communities that promote our health and wellbeing. 

    Our Areas of Work 

    Stafford and Surrounds

    The Stafford and Surrounds Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2015-2020 focuses on promoting the Health and Wellbeing of our local people through partnership work with other local assets and to develop more efficient and effective services for communities to access. 

    View the Stafford and Surrounds Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2015-2020

    Our Projects

    The Health and Wellbeing team have developed projects to provide places for local people to get involved in building a better community, get involved in a more active lifestyle and connect with other local people or service providers. 

    Take a look at Our Projects

    People Helping People

    A look at Community Development and the ways in which our residents and the communities in which they live can benefit from Health and Wellbeing Strategies in the Borough. 

    Read more about Community Development in Stafford Borough

    Self Help

    Advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and resources providing further information.

    Read more about Self Help and leading a healthy lifestyle 





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