Funding For Sport

There are many different types of grants available to sports clubs, coaches and individuals.

Sports Fund Stafford Borough

We allocate funds to talented sports performers, local sports clubs and local sports coaches. There are three different pots available for people to apply to, depending on their requirements. Information regarding the three funding pots are available below. Applicants must live within Stafford Borough or be a member of a sports club that is situated within Stafford Borough. The Community Foundation for Staffordshire administer this fund for us.

For more information or to apply for any of these funds please visit Stafford Borough Sports Grants - The Community Foundation for Staffordshire

Coaching Fund

This fund is to assist individuals coaching within the Borough with the costs involved in undertaking a coaching certificate.

Grant Aid / Loan Aid

Local sports clubs and organisations can apply to this fund if they require money for things such as new equipment or improvements to their buildings or facilities. 

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship fund is in place to offer financial support to individuals who are in full time education and live within Stafford Borough and compete at county level or above in their chosen sport.

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent

Offer guidance on where to look for funding and advice on some of the key principles to consider when submitting a funding application. Information of funding opportunities.

The latest funding information is included in the SASSOT monthly e-newsletter that people can sign up to by visiting the Sports Across Staffordshire website.

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