Heritage at Risk

The Heritage at Risk (HAR) Register was created and is managed by Historic England. The register identifies those sites that are most at risk of being lost as a result of neglect, decay or inappropriate development.

Heritage at Risk sites can come in many forms; from grand to simple buildings and structures, to large visible earthworks and less visible buried remains. Many issues threaten these sites, from environmental to human impact.

The Register includes listed buildings, places of worship, monuments, parks and gardens, conservation areas, battlefields and wreck sites that are listed and have been assessed and found to be at risk. Of all listed buildings across England, Historic England assess:

  • Grade I
  • Grade II*
  • Grade II listed places of worship across England
  • Grade II listed buildings in London

Grade II listed buildings outside London, other than places of worship, are not included.

In Stafford Borough we currently have 7 entries on the Heritage at Risk Register which comprise:

  • 2 Conservation Areas
  • 2 Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • 3 Listed Buildings (grade II*)

If you are concerned about the state of repair of a listed building please do not hesitate to contact the Council’s Conservation Officer at conservation@staffordbc.gov.uk.


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