Unauthorised Works and Listed Building Enforcement

Before any works are undertaken to a listed building the Conservation Officer must be contacted to discuss the proposed works and whether they need consent.

Unauthorised works to a listed building without the required listed building consent is a criminal offence and could result in an unlimited fine or 2 years imprisonment.

If unauthorised works have been carried out to a listed building without consent or in breach of a condition attached to a consent, the council may serve a Listed Building Enforcement Notice requesting works be carried out to bring a building either back to its former state or, where that is not practical or desirable, to lessen the effect of the unauthorised works.

In exceptional circumstances, the Secretary of State may serve a listed building enforcement notice after consultation with the council and Historic England.

A listed building enforcement notice can be issued at any time - even many years after the unauthorised works were carried out. It is served on the current owner of a building irrespective of whether they, a previous owner or any other party was responsible for the works.

Should you wish to report any unauthorised works to a listed building, object or structure please email our Planning Enforcement Team at enforcement@staffordbc.gov.uk.

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