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Licensing Sub Committee

    Committee name: Licensing Sub Committee
    Contact Email:
    Committee Telephone 01785 619212
    Committee Fax 01785 619119

    Meetings of this Committee

    This committee has held (or will hold) the following meetings this municipal year, click on the meeting to get the Agenda, Reports, Minutes and Recording.
    Date Title Documents
    5/07/2019 Licensing Sub Committee (10.00am) - 5 July 2019 Licensing Sub Committee - 5 July 2019 (Agenda) 2.72 MB
    Licensing Sub-Committee - 5 July 2019 (Minutes) 185.53 KB
    Licensing_5_July_2019_Part 1.MP3 1.16 MB
    Licensing_5_July_2019_Part 2.MP3 63.8 MB

    Councillors participating in this Committee

    The following councillors are currently members of this committee. Click the name of a councillor to view to more details about them.
    Councillor Position
    Councillor Alexander R G Brown
    Councillor Angela M Loughran
    Councillor Ann P Edgeller
    Councillor Christine A Baron
    Councillor D Holbrook-Summers
    Councillor Jenny Barron
    Councillor Mark Green
    Councillor Marnie Phillips
    Councillor Raymond M Sutherland

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