Our Prevent Strategy

Prevent is one of the four strands of the Government's Contest Strategy.  The Strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

Report Extremism

The four strands of the Contest Strategy are:-

  • Pursue - stop terrorist attacks
  • Prevent - stop people from becoming/supporting terrorists
  • Protect - to strengthen out protection against terrorist attacks
  • Prepare - to mitigate impacts of terrorist attacks we cannot stop

The UK is under constant threat of terrorist attacks and our threat level has been ranked as severe. There are over 2000 British citizens currently fighting for ISIS.

Prevent is a strategy that helps to stop people becoming terrorists, in this process it will provide support for people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. Prevent works in the pre criminal stage, as it stops people actually becoming terrorists by noticing signs, which could indicate that they are being radicalised.

Notice - Check - Share

Notice - Check - Share is a three step process that helps people be actively involved in challenging extremism and terrorist behaviour.  The process is:-

  • Notice the signs
  • Check with someone that you can trust
  • Share with someone who will be able to help the person

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