Sites of Nature Conservation in Stafford Borough

    As well as the Local Nature Reserves that are managed by Stafford Borough Council there are a whole host of other areas where nature is being protected and encouraged such as nature reserves. Some are of national and international significance whilst others protect locally rare species or habitats.  Most sites have been designated in some way but others are local nature conservation projects.


    AONB: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
    LNR: Local Nature Reserve
    NNR: National Nature Reserve
    Ramsar: Wetland area of international importance for conservation
    SACs: Special Area of Conservation (EU Designation)
    SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest


    Allimore Green Common - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (2.7 Ha)
    Location: (SJ 858 193) Midway between Haughton and Church Eaton.
    Type: SSSI
    This small wet pasture is one of the most important areas of species rich lowland grassland in Staffordshire.

    Aqualate Mere - Natural England (214 ha)
    Location: (SJ 770 205)
    Type: NNR, Ramsar Site, SSSI
    Centred on Aqualate Mere - the largest natural lake in the West Midlands - the reserve also includes reedbeds, woodland and low-lying wet grassland.

    Astonfields Balancing Lakes - Stafford Borough Council (4.16 Ha)
    Location: SJ 926 248
    Type: LNR

    Barlaston and Rough Close Common - Stafford Borough Council (20.61)
    Location: SJ 923 396 & SJ 926 399
    Type: LNR

    Baswich Meadows - (13.36ha)
    Location: SJ 950 227
    Type: SSSI

    Burnt Wood - (41.38ha)
    Location: SJ 742 336
    Type: SSSI

    Cannock Chase - (1281 ha)
    Type: AONB, SSSI
    This is the smallest mainland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.  Part of this beautiful area lies in Stafford Borough.

    Chartley Moss - Natural England (44 ha)
    Location: (SK 027 283)
    Type: NNR, Ramsar Site, SSSI (106.93ha), Candidate SACs
    Chartley Moss is one of England's largest floating bogs.  A raft of peat about 3m thick floats on a 13m deep lake. Trees growing in the peat sink through the surface and drown as they mature. This leaves the dead trunks poking half out of the moss. The site is of international importance. It can only be visited with a permit or a guide as the area can be dangerous.

    Colwich Brickworks - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (4 Ha)
    Location: (SK 013 214) Off A51 near Colwich and Little Haywood (Access via Kingfisher Drive).
    A working brickworks until 1970 this area of ponds, woodland, scrub and herb rich grassland contains a remarkable variety of habitats that supports a wide range of species.

    Cop Mere - Privately Owned (37.5 Ha)
    Location: (SJ 802 297) Off B5026 near Sugnall and Offley Hay
    Type: Ramsar Site, SSSI
    Besides being one of very few sizeable lakes in Staffordshire, Cop Mere is of importance for its range of swamp, fen and carr communities. The site also includes areas of dry and marshy unimproved pasture and a fringe of dry woodland on the banks surrounding the mere.

    Crown Meadow (Stone) - Stone Town Council
    Type: LNR
    Part of the Stone Meadows Local Nature Reserves that also includes Stone Meadows North and South.

    Derrington Millennium Green and Wood
    Location: Derrington
    These sites were bought by Derrington Millennium Green Trust and work has been carried out to plant trees, create a pond and other nature features.

    Doley Common - 17.39ha
    Location: SJ 816 217
    Type: SSSI

    Doxey Marshes - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (120 Ha)
    Location: (SJ 903 250) West of Stafford town centre stretching to M6.
    Type: SSSI
    Doxey Marshes is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its wet grassland habitat and its breeding wading birds and wildfowl.  It is particularly noted for its populations of breeding snipe.

    Jackson's Coppice and Marsh - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (8 Ha)
    Location (SJ 786 301) One mile west of Cop Mere
    This reserve has 20 acres of semi-natural ancient woodland and marsh and is known for its dense carpet of bluebells in spring and one of the largest badger setts in the county.

    Kings and Hargreaves Woods - 57.63ha
    Location: SJ 860 402
    Type: SSSI

    Kingsmead Marsh - Stafford Borough Council
    Location: SJ 925 234
    Type: LNR

    Kingston Pool Covert (North) - Local Residents Group
    Type: Private

    Kingston Pool Covert (South) - Stafford Borough Council (4.15 Ha)
    Type: LNR

    Loynton Moss - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (13 Ha)
    Location: (SJ 788 243) A519 west of Woodseaves.
    Type: SSSI
    With 35 acres of Loynton Moss having SSSI status, this varied reserve is recognised nationally for its conservation value and importance.

    Milford Quarry - 6.30ha
    Location: SJ 977 191
    Type: SSSI

    Newport Canal - 5.55ha
    Location: SJ 734 192
    Type: SSSI

    Pasturefields Saltmarsh - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (7.7 Ha)
    Location: (SJ 994 248) Between Hixon and Great Haywood (Contact SWT for access permit)
    Type: SSSI
    Pasturefields is the sole remnant of the former salt marshes of the Trent valley.  Due to its unique ecological status, the reserve was proposed as a candidate Special Area of Conservation (a European habitat designation) in 1997.  The Saltmarsh is surrounded by meadow.

    Radford Meadows - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (42.5 Ha)
    Location: Off A34 south east of Stafford
    This is a new reserve that has an extensive wet meadows system close to Stafford town centre.  It is an important site for wintering and breading birds.

    Rawbones Meadow - 21.30ha
    Location: SJ 985 225
    Type: SSSI

    Stafford Brook - 6.90ha
    Location: SK 023 194
    Type: SSSI

    Stone Meadows North and South - Stafford Borough Council
    Type: LNR

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