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Stafford Farmers Market

    Stafford Farmers Market - 1 - Page 998The Market is held on the 2nd Saturday of every month in Market Square.

    Goods for sale are cakes, oatcakes, plants and flowers, wines, jams and preserves, fresh meat, sausages, bacon, black pudding, chicken, eggs and scotch eggs, fruit and vegetables, fish, pastries, jewellery, chocolate, street food, and many more items too numerous to mention.

    Stafford Farmers Market 3 - Page 998Traders begin to set up their stalls from as early as 7.30am with the majority being open for trading from 9.00am they close at around 3.00pm or when they have nothing left to sell. (Which happens quite a lot as their produce is very popular).

    To book a stall at the Farmers Market please use our online application form or, contact the Markets Office on 01785 245935.

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