Trees in Conservation Areas

    If a tree in a Conservation Area is also covered by a Tree Preservation Order then the usual TPO protection applies. If the tree is not protected by a TPO but is within a Conservation Area then you must give six weeks notice in writing to the Arboricultural Officer of the works that you wish to carry out. It is an offence to do work to a tree in a Conservation Area without consent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know whether a tree is in a Conservation Area?

    To find out if your property is within a Conservation Area please telephone (01785) 619000 and we will be able to advise you. Conservation Areas can be viewable by downloading the Stafford Borough Local Plan Proposal maps. The Local Plan is also viewable by visiting the Planning and Engineering Services reception at the Civic Centre on the third floor.

    What if I want to carry out work to a tree in a Conservation Area?

    You must notify the Council of your intention to carry out works by completing the following application form (pdf 311kb). You can then attach it via e-mail and send it to

    How long does it take to consider an application?

    We are required to respond to a notification of works to a tree in a Conservation Area within 6 weeks. If we have any objections to your proposed works we will notify you by letter that we intend to serve a Tree Preservation Order. If we have no objections you will also be notified in writing.

    Please note that all information contained on this and other pages relating to trees is written for the benefit of tree owners, the general public and amenity groups and answers some of the most common questions relating to trees. It is for guidance only and is not a statement of the law. You should consult a solicitor if you are unsure of your legal rights or obligations.

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