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Single Person Discount Review

    The local authority has a duty to ensure that any reductions to Council Tax bills are being correctly claimed and that we are made aware if people’s circumstances have changed.  If you receive a single person’s discount, a review form is enclosed with your annual Council Tax bill. You must provide us with the requested information in order that the correct rate of Council Tax can be charged. The information can be provided by returning the paper form or completing the online review form.

    The online review form is only for those already in receipt of Single Person Discount.

    Please confirm the name of the liable person and whether your circumstances remain the same or have changed at any time since you were awarded your Single Person Discount.

    Section 1 must be completed to confirm the name of the person liable to pay Council Tax and you wish to renew your Single Person Discount. 

    Section 2 must be completed to confirm the name of the person(s) liable to pay Council Tax and that there has been a change in your circumstances and the Single Person Discount needs to be cancelled. 

    By clicking submit, the form will be emailed directly to the Compliance team – if you prefer to print the form you can return it to Stafford Borough Council, Compliance Section, Civic Centre, PO Box 7129 Beecroft Road, Cannock, Staffs WS11 1BG

    Failure to return the form by 8 June 2018 will result in your discount being cancelled and any awarded discount recovered. A revised bill will be sent informing you of your increased payments.

    Council Tax is a shared service between Cannock Chase District Council and Stafford Borough Council.

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