Annual Canvass

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    What is the Annual Canvass?

    The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) is required by law to conduct an annual canvass each year in order to maintain a complete and accurate electoral register that will be published on 1 December.  

    This involves contacting households across the borough to ensure that the correct electors are registered at the property.

    Methods of contact

    The ERO may contact each household in a variety of ways.


    The ERO may make contact by post in the form of an A4 letter.

    A4 Letter

    If the details are correct no response will be required and that property will be automatically updated on the electoral register.

    If the details are incorrect, a response is required by one of the following means of contact:

    • A link to the website enables the occupier to respond online ( The two-part Security Code will be needed
    • Returning the letter with any amendments

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    Email and Mobile phone

    If an email address or mobile phone number has been provided in the past, the ERO may use this method of contact and will be sent via the Elections Team - Stafford Borough Council.

    There will be a link within the message ( to enable the occupier to respond online.  The two-part Security Codes provided will be needed to enable you to respond.

    Using email and text message communication will enable the council to reduce the post it sends and will save money.

    Reply to the Annual Canvass online here

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