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Minutes and Agendas


    The Council records and publishes all minutes, agendas and reports from Committee Meetings this link will take you to a list of the Council's Committees and will show the Committee Membership.

    By law, the Council must produce an accurate record of all decisions taken and recommendations made by the Council and its Committees and Panels. Depending on the type of committee or panel, minutes may be done in note form. For the quasi-judicial and decision-making committees and panels, they take the more traditional form.

    Some meetings have a "Public Question Time".  This is where members of the public can ask a question at that meeting, but we must receive it at least 7 days before the meeting.

    The following links include Minutes and Agendas of meetings, and reports of Elected Members.

    Committee Meetings

    17/18 Committee Meetings
    16/17 Committee Meetings
    15/16 Committee Meetings

    Agendas and Minutes

    The below municipal years can be found using the same link of:

    For agendas/minutes older than the municipal year of 15/16 please contact Democratic Services.

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