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Democratic Services - Forward Plan

    Representations in respect of the matters shown should be sent in writing to the contact officer indicated alongside each item, at Democratic Services, Stafford Borough Council, Riverside, Stafford, ST16 3AQ.  Copies of any associated documents can be obtained by contacting the relevant officer.  The relevant report will be published 5 days before the Cabinet meeting where the matter is to be considered.

    A Key decision is defined as an Executive decision which is likely to:

    result in the incurring of expenditure which is or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards.

    Agendas and Minutes


    Key Decision

    Confidential Item

    Reason(s) why the item is confidential

    Representations Received

    Date when decision likely

    Who will make the decision

    Contact officer/cabinet member

    Update to Surveillance Policy No No N/A None 03/10/19 Cabinet Ian Curran 01785 619220 Councillor P M M Farrington
    St Mary's Road Play Area, Little Haywood No No N/A None 03/10/19 Cabinet Jenny Boulton 01785 619514 Councillor C V Trowbridge
    Proposed Development of Holmcroft Open Space Yes No N/A None 03/10/19 Cabinet Sally McDonald 01785 619330 Councillor C V Trowbridge
    Revenues and Benefits Collection Report - Quarter 1 No Part Contains information relating to an action taken or to be taken in connection with the prevention, investigation or prosecution of crime None 03/10/19 Cabinet Rob Wolfe 01543 464397 Councillor R M Smith
    Stafford Station Gateway No Yes Contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding the information) None 03/10/19 Cabinet Michelle Smith 01785 619335 Councillor F Beatty
    Financial Plan 2019-20 - 2022-23 Yes No N/A None 07/11/19 Cabinet Bob Kean 01785 619241 Councillor R M Smith
    Revenue and Capital Bids Yes No N/A None 07/11/19 Cabinet Bob Kean 01785 619241 Councillor R M Smith
    Fees and Charges Review 2020 Yes No N/A None 07/11/19 Cabinet Emma Fullager 01543 464720 Councillor R M Smith
    Recycling and Waste Collection - Future Service Options Yes No N/A None 07/11/19 Cabinet Phil Gammon 01785 619108 Councillor J K Price
    Public Space Protection Orders No No N/A None 07/11/19 Cabinet Amanda Knight 01785 619417 Councillor J M Pert

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