23/24 Committee Meetings

    This year's municipal year will run from 13 May 2023 to 11 May 2024.

    You can find links to previous municipal years on our Agendas and Minutes webpage, if the year you are looking for is no longer there please contact democraticservices@staffordbc.gov.uk

    By law, the Council must produce an accurate record of all decisions taken and recommendations made by the Council and its Committees and Panels.

    The Council publishes agendas and minutes from Council and Committee meetings, together with an audio recording.

    The following list includes Agendas and Minutes of meetings involving Elected Members:

    Date of Meeting Meeting Documents Available
    Wednesday 14 June 2023 Licensing Sub Committee (10am) Agenda - Licensing Sub Committee 14 June 2023 (pdf 6.5mb) - Part of this agenda was produced by a third party and may not be accessible by some assistive technology
    Thursday 8 June 2023 Cabinet (6.30pm) Agenda - Cabinet 8 June 2023 (pdf 1.5mb)
    Wednesday 17 May 2023 Planning Committee (6.30pm)

    Agenda - Planning Committee 17 May 2023 (pdf 2.6mb)

    Minutes - Planning Committee 17 May 2023 (pdf 210kb)

    Recording - Planning Committee 17 May 2023

    Monday 15 May 2023 Council (Appointments) (7pm)

    Agenda - Council (Appointments) 15 May 2023 (pdf 700kb)

    Minutes- Council (Appointments) 15 May 2023 (pdf 204kb)

    Recording - Council (Appointments) 15 May 2023

    Saturday 13 May 2023 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)

    Agenda - Council (Mayor Making) 13 May 2023 (pdf 705.2kb)

    Minutes - Council (Mayor Making) 13 May 2023 (pdf 156.4kb)


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