How to Prepare for an Emergency

    What you can do to prepare for an emergency?

    The Government has produced a web page which tells you how you can help yourself and your family in emergencies. The page can be found on the website.

    • Make a list of important contact details, such as family, friends, neighbours, GP, veterinary surgery, public utility companies etc. 
    • Familiarise yourself with emergency procedures both at work and for children at school. 
    • Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies. 
    • Know how to tune your radio to local stations. 
    • Know how your family will stay in contact in the event of an emergency. 
    • Make up an emergency pack

    Home Emergency Pack

    Try to keep enough of the following in your household at all times to last at least two days:

    Suggested list

    • Lighting (torch/candles) and spare source of power (batteries etc) or wind-up torch. 
    • Cooking equipment (including tin-opener, utensils and cutlery). 
    • Drink (cans of juice, bottled water etc). 
    • Long life food and milk - Items that can easily be consumed such as ready to eat meats, canned fruits, crackers, cereal bars or biscuits. Check use by date and replace when necessary.) 
    • Portable radio and spare batteries or wind up radio. 
    • First Aid Kit - Include items such as assorted bandages, cleansing agents, pain relief tablets. Remember prescription medication. 
    • Contact list 
    • Warm / Dry clothing and blankets. 
    • Personal hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, feminine supplies 
    • Medication (including baby items). 
    • Entertainment items such as board games or books

    Useful numbers to make a list of and put in your emergency pack

    • Doctor 
    • Insurance Company 
    • School 
    • Bank 
    • Family 
    • Utilities

    In the Car:

    These could vary depending on the time of the year, but could include items such as:

    • First Aid Kit. 
    • Bottled Water. 
    • Torch with spare batteries. 
    • In car mobile telephone charger 
    • Sweets or long life snacks 
    • Blanket, warm clothing and woolly hat 
    • Spare socks and gloves 
    • Waterproof clothing and Wellington boots.

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