Emergency Planning and Major Incidents

As a local authority it is our role to support the emergency services in the case of a major incident. We will co-ordinate the Council's response during a major incident, together with the responders. 

A major incident can arise with or without warning and can happen anywhere and at any time. Fortunately major incidents happen very infrequently. When they do happen, the size of the incident means that special arrangements are needed to help organisations work together and respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Council is part of the Staffordshire Resilience Forum (SRF) which comprises a range of organisations from across the County including the emergency services, all local authorities, the Environment Agency and the voluntary sector.

The SRF works to safeguard the interests of the people and communities in Staffordshire before, during and after a major incident / civil emergency.

Further information can be found at Staffordshire Prepared.

What is a Major Incident / Emergency?

An emergency is defined as:-

  • An event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare and/or the environment; or
  • War, or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to security.

Examples of major incidents include:-

  • Natural disasters such as floods and storms
  • Pollution i.e. spillages, radioactive substances, toxic gases
  • War or terrorism

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