Parish Election Results 2015

    Elected Parish Councillors by Parish

    Contested Elections

    Candidates marked with (E) have been elected.

    Eccleshall Parish Ward

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    ALCOCK, Philip   405
    AMOS, Eileen Linda   686 (E)
    BASKERVILLE, Phil   833 (E)
    DAVIES, Becky   864 (E)
    GARNER, Graham   460 (E)
    JONES, Joy Elizabeth   447
    JONES, Les Independent 320
    JONES, Peter Wallace   735 (E)
    MARSHALL, Christopher Paul   609 (E)
    STARKEY, Mike   671 (E)
    TAYLOR-POTTS, Lindsay Jane   512 (E)
      Turnout 73.45%


    Great Haywood Parish Ward

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BILLINGSLEY, Adam Charles   397 (E)
    BIRT, Barrie Terence   499 (E)
    CARRINGTON, Andrew Thomas Company Director 245
    CLENDON, Anne Ruth   503 (E)
    COOPER, Andy Food Industry Consultant and Engineer 390 (E)
    COWLISHAW, Kellie Louise Lead Ophthalmic Technician National Health Service 466 (E)
    DOEHREN, Alan   346 (E)
    HILL, Robert David   318
    JENKINSON, Victoria Ellen   447 (E)
    MOSLEY, John Ewart Highways and Energy Engineer (Retired) 339
      Turnout 72.56%


    Little Haywood Parish Ward

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    COATES, John B.K.V/recycling/CURB 861 (E)
    COOK, Paul Anthony   634 (E)
    GIBSON, Sylvia Victoria Elizabeth   615 (E)
    GILBERT, Paul   382
    LYALL, Catherine   695 (E)
    PAYNE, Stephen   554 (E)
    PEARCE, Rolfe Gordon   727 (E)
    STAFFORD NORTHCOTE, Amyas   667 (E)
      Turnout 75.78%


    St Michael's Parish Ward

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    COLLIER, Cathy Conservative Party Candidate 1,098 (E)
    DAVIES, Jim Stone Independents 1,037 (E)
    DAVIES, Lin Stone Independents 1,012
    HAMPSON, Jacki Conservative Party Candidate 888
    JACKSON, Thomas Conservative Party Candidate 1,066 (E)
    JONES, Philip Ezra Conservative Party Candidate 1,032
    MOWATT, Elaine Stone Independents 1,129 (E)
    OSGATHORPE, Andy Stone Independents 1,114 (E)
    SKERRATT, Allan John Stone Independents 1,032
    TOMLINSON, Ann Elizabeth Winifred Conservative Party Candidate 854
      Turnout 72.05%


    Stonefield and Christchurch Parish Ward

    Name of Candidate Description Results
    BAKKER-COLLIER, Lynne Conservative Party Candidate 978 (E)
    BARR, Gary Gordon Stone Independents 665
    COLLIER, Geoff Conservative Party Candidate 948 (E)
    FARNHAM, Joyce Winifred Conservative Party Candidate 1,127 (E)
    FINLAY, Graham Conservative Party Candidate 832
    FORDHAM, Ian David Stone Independents 796
    HATTON, Mark David Liberal Democrats 401
    KELT, Tom Stone Independents 748
    KENNEY, Rob Stone Independents 956 (E)
    LEASON, Philip Anthony Stone Independents 986 (E)
    MARDLING, Trevor Ralph Conservative Party Candidate 796
    OSBORNE-TOWN, Mike Labour Party 755
    YOUNG, Peter Nicholas Labour Party 680
      Turnout 68.29%


    Walton South Parish Ward 

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BRUNT, Harry Labour Party 617
    BURGESS, Angela Ford Stone Independents 822
    GOODALL, Margaret Rose Conservative Party Candidate 939 (E)
    GREEN, Mark Leslie Stone Independents 1,042 (E)
    MOWATT, Drew Stone Independents 719
    NEAGUS, Tracey Jill Stone Independents 752
    PIGGOTT, Jill Conservative Party Candidate 892 (E)
    SHAW, Mike Conservative Party Candidate 838 (E)
    SHAW, Sue Conservative Party Candidate 773
    THORNICROFT, Clive Howard Stone Independents 681
    WILLIAMSON, Mike Conservative Party Candidate 845 (E)
      Turnout 73.53%




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