Parliamentary Election Results 2015 - Stafford and Stone

    Candidates marked with (E) have been elected


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    GODFREY, Kate Labour Party 14,429
    HOWELL, Karen National Health Action Party 1,701
    LEFROY, Jeremy John Elton The Conservative Party Candidate 23,606 (E)
    MILLER, Keith Liberal Democrats 1,348
    SHONE, Mike The Green Party 1,390
    WHITFIELD, Ed UK Independence Party (UKIP) 6,293
      Turnout 71.23%



    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CASH, Bill The Conservative Party Candidate 25,733 (E)
    COUTOUVIDIS, John Independent 531
    HALE, Sam Labour Party 9,483
    ILLSLEY, Andrew Ettore UK Independence Party (UKIP) 7,620
    LEWIS, Martin Wyn Liberal Democrats 2,473
    NAYLON, Wenslie The Green Party 1,191
      Turnout 70.05%


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