Planning - Residential

    Planning advice, building control and town centre management

    The Planning system plays an important role in modern society by helping to protect the environment in our towns and cities and in the countryside. Planning regulations have to cover many different situations and even the provisions which affect the average householder are quite detailed.

    General Planning Advice and Guidance

    The general planning principles and the procedures for making a planning application are described in the Department for Communities and Local Government(DCLG) booklet Planning - A Guide to Households. The Planning Portal also offers a wide range of services and guidance on the planning system.

    The rules that say when you need to apply for planning permission will differ according to whether you own a house or a flat/maisonette.

    Parliament has given the main responsibility for planning to the Local Planning Authorities. If you do have any queries about a particular case, the first thing to do is to contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.


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