Planning Enforcement

    Covid-19 Information and Guidance

    Site visits will only take place where it is safe to do so.  This means it may take longer than usual to carry out visits on new planning enforcement issues that are raised we us.  We are still prioritising the visits in line with our Enforcement Policy.

    Planning Enforcement is a key part of the planning service. It includes monitoring developments, investigating breaches of planning control, and seeking resolutions to planning problems.

    What can the Planning Enforcement Team do?

    When the Planning Enforcement Team receives an enquiry, an assessment is made of what action is needed. The Team will usually attempt to resolve matters through negotiation in the first instance. This may involve asking for a retrospective planning application, or a requirement to remedy specific problems with a development. 

    If a voluntary resolution is not achieved, the Borough Council has the choice on whether to take formal enforcement action. Any action must meet the tests in Government guidance, and be proportionate to the situation. Formal enforcement action will not be considered appropriate in every case.

    Enforcement Officers are not empowered to physically stop unauthorised works on site, but enforcement proceedings can be issued that may lead to prosecution.

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