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We want to keep you up to date about the exciting plans we're developing for the restoration and refurbishment of key elements of Victoria Park.

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Victoria Park is the Borough’s flagship formal Park and is currently a very popular and well-used greenspace which benefits from a high standard of maintenance. It was clear from the extensive consultation process which has been undertaken that the local community values the Park very highly. However, it was also clear from the feedback that we received that there are significant elements requiring restoration and facilities lacking or in need of improvement. The overall  vision is for a ‘heritage driven’ masterplan which seeks to make measured interventions which will significantly  improve the quality of the Park whilst continuing to provide a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment.

Here is the masterplan for the park by clicking on the plan you can see a larger image.

Victoria Park Masterplan_sml


Further details are available in the Design Statement (pdf 10.8mb)

The overall design aims to;

  • Retain the highest quality elements and build on those strengths,
  • Create a sense of space,
  • Exploit the prime location,
  • Further establish the park as a destination,
  • Package elements together to improve the offer,
  • Build in flexibility to cater for a wide variety of uses,
  • Promote sustainable design,
  • Improve visitor’s understanding of the heritage value,
  • Enhance biodiversity.

We have already submitted a formal planning application and expect a decision in Spring 2017.

You can view the planning application via our Planning Public Access webpage. After reading the disclaimer on that webpage you can then click on 'I agree, take me to the Planning Public Access'. The public access site will appear - the application you are looking for is 16/25009/FUL.

In addition to the identified improvements the project will also seek to ;

  • Enhance landscaping and planting in the Park,
  • Provide better interpretation of the Park’s historic elements,
  • Implement a new energy strategy for the new buildings on the site,
  • Secure a Park Liaison Officer who will work with local community groups and volunteers to deliver a comprehensive activity plan

The  proposals not only include for the capital works necessary to improve the Park but include an ongoing investment programme for people and communities. We have produced a formal Activity Plan (pdf 9.1mb)which aims to effectively and appropriately reconnect wider audiences with the heritage offer at Victoria Park.

We have undertaken comprehensive consultation to get the thoughts and feelings of the wider community  throughout all the stages of the project. From this it was clear that the majority of people would like to see:

  • More facilities to encourage more frequent visits and longer stays;
  • Improved café with sheltered seating;
  • Public toilets improved;
  • Access to War Memorial improved;
  • Retain and improve the aviary;
  • Greenhouses used for demonstration and horticulture;
  • Bandstand restored and used for music and events; and
  • More events in the park.

Full details of the consultation undertaken are in the report. (pdf 2mb)

Watch this space to see how the project is progressing.