Recycling and Waste - What Do I Do If

Q. My bin and/or caddy was missed or not emptied on the scheduled day?

A. If your refuse or recycling has not been collected there may be a number of reasons why. These may include:

  • The bin not being placed out at the correct time.
  • Contains unsuitable items, please see the 'Know Your Bins' page for acceptable items for each bin.
  • The bin may be excessively heavy or the bin lid was not closed.

A notice will have been placed on your bin giving the reason for non-collection, in this instance the bin will not be emptied until the next scheduled collection day for that bin providing that the incorrect items have been removed.

Vehicle breakdown or traffic issues may also hinder collection, in this situation alternative arrangements will be made to collect your bins.

If you feel that your bin collection has been genuinely missed please contact us on 01785 619402 where a member of our team will deal with your enquiry. Alternatively, if you would like to make an on-line report please use our Online form.

Q. I am not sure what goes in each bin?

A.  Know your bins

Q. Waste placed beside the bin has not been taken?

A. Unauthorised side waste placed beside any bin will not be taken.

The paper caddy may be placed at the side of the blue bin the contents must be put into recyclable carrier bags to protect the paper and stop it from blowing away (these will not be returned to the property).

Additional waste and recycling can be taken to our various Recycling Centres or to the Household Waste Recycling Centres at St Albans Road, Stafford and Beacon Road, Stone.

Q. My blue/brown/green bin or caddy is damaged or missing?

A. Bins

My bin has gone missing or been stolen.

Please check with your neighbours first to see if they have taken your bin by mistake.  We recommend that you wait 72 hours before reporting a missing bin.  If you can't find the bin then a replacement can be ordered, the following charges will apply:

Green Bin
General Waste 
Blue Bin
Brown Bin
Garden Waste 
180 litre - Free of Charge
240 litre - £40
240 litre - £10  240 litre - £10 

My bin is damaged

You will need to order a replacement bin if it is damaged and the above charges will apply.  If a bin has been damaged and the fault lies with the collection crew they will record it and the new bin will be supplied free of charge.

Why am I being charged for a replacement bin?

The charges are to cover the administration, supply and the delivery of bins.  The bins will remain the property of Stafford Borough Council and must remain at the property to which they have been issued.

Can I appeal or complain about the charge?

You can log a complaint, however, the charge for wheeled bins has been agreed as Council Policy and as such has been agreed by elected members.

Will everyone have to pay the same charges?

Yes.  There are no concessions offered for elderly residents or those in receipt of benefits.

Paper Caddy

If your caddy is missing or damaged please contact us on 01785 619402 or email to arrange a free replacement.

Marking Bins

It is advisable to mark all of your bins and your caddy with the house name or number to easily identify them.  Place the bin out no sooner than the evening prior to collection and return the bin to the property as soon as possible after collection has taken place.

Q. I need a larger, additional or smaller bin?

A. A larger green bin can be supplied to households where there are five or more permanent residents at a property. A form will be issued asking you to confirm this before the bin is issued. 

A smaller (180 litre) green bin can be supplied  if you are finding the existing 240 litre green bin too big for your requirements. 

An additional blue bin can be supplied following a visit from one of our Waste Team.

An additional brown bin can be supplied for an annual charge.

Please see our Additional/Larger Bins page for further information.

Q. I have a problem getting my bins to the collection point because I am elderly/disabled/infirm?

A. For those households where all residents have difficulty in placing their bin out for collection we are able to provide an assisted collection service. For further details see our Assisted Collections page.

Q. I am not sure when my bin will be collected over Christmas or other Bank Holidays?

A. Special arrangements are made to revise the refuse collection over the Christmas periods and other Bank Holidays. These are marked on your collection calendar, if you have not received a calendar or require a replacement please called 01785 619402 or use our on-line Bin Collection Calendar which will display your collection calendar - once you have input your postcode a map will appear, click on the red marker and information regarding your property will be displayed.

Q. I do not receive a kerbside collection service - is there anywhere else I can take recycling material?

A. There are various recycling sites throughout the Borough, for a list of locations please see the Recycling Centres page.

Staffordshire County Council also operate Household Waste Recycling Centres at St Albans Road, Stafford and Beacon Road, Stone.

Q. I have an observation or complaint to make regarding the refuse and recycling collection service?

A. If you wish to pass on comments or complaints please ring us on 01785 619402 or use our online form.

Q. I would like to report an accident/incident involving one of your vehicles?

A. To report an accident/incident involving a refuse/recycling vehicle operated by Biffa Waste Services please contact us on 01785 619402. 

Q.  I have small electrical items or batteries to recycle?

A.  Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Used Household Batteries


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