Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

    On 1 October 2018, The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 came into force. 

    These Regulations have replaced the old regime of licensing animal activities. If you would like to know more please visit

    The above legislation applies to the following:

    • pet shops
    • dog breeders
    • home boarders
    • catteries
    • kennels
    • doggy day care
    • riding establishments (hiring out horses)
    • performing/exhibition of animals

    There are no changes to Dangerous Wild Animals Licences or Zoo Licences. 

    There are two sets of conditions that will apply to licences:

    • A set of general conditions that apply to all licences and
    • a set of specific conditions that apply to the specific animal activity

    It is necessary to comply with both sets of conditions. 

    Please see the relevant guidance and legislation for the following:

    1. The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018

    2. Procedural Guidance for Animal Activities Licensing 2018

    3. Guidance Notes for Breeding Dogs 2018

    4. Guidance Notes for Boarding Dogs in Kennels 2018

    5. Guidance Notes for Home Boarding Dogs 2018

    6. Guidance Notes for Doggy Day Care 2018 

    7. Guidance Notes for Boarding Cats 2018

    8. Guidance Notes for Selling Animals as Pets 2018

    9. Guidance Notes for Keeping/Training Animals for Exhibition 2018

    10. Guidance Notes for Hiring Out Horses 2018

    You may also find the following useful:

    Current Licensed Premises

    View a current list of premises licensed by Stafford Borough Council under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018.


    Applications can be completed either by post or email - please contact 01785 619000 and ask for the Licensing Team, or email to request the application forms. 

    To make an application, there are three parts to complete:

    Part 1 - Applicant information

    Part 2 - For each licensable activity

    Part 3 - Declaration

    There are two stages to the payment of the fee. Currently a licence issued for one year is £175 on application and before the licence is granted, a further £106 is payable for enforcement costs. 

    Please note that an additional fee will be payable on applications for dog breeding and riding establishments; Stafford Borough Council are required to employ the services of a qualified vet to carry out an inspection for these activities.

    The following FAQs  provide more details of the system of regulation. 

    Licensing Register

    The Licensing Register can be found here.

    A to Z of Services