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Empty Homes Strategy

    We have developed this Empty Homes Strategy because we recognise the benefits in bringing empty homes back into use and realise that some empty homes can cause significant problems to neighbours and communities.  The Strategy outlines the following 5 priorities:-

    1.   To work in partnership with other agencies to reduce the number
          of long-term empty homes in Stafford Borough by bringing them 
          back into use.

    2.   To minimise the number of homes becoming long-term empty 
          (six months or more) by taking a proactive approach to 
          identifying them early and working with owners as soon as

    3.   To raise awareness of how to bring empty homes back into use
          and provide resources for owners of empty homes. 

    4.   To take enforcement action when appropriate.

    5.   To develop a sustainable level of community cohesion though
          re-occupation of empty homes.


    Please be advised that the Empty Homes Strategy is currently under review.


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