Food Safety

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Rates food businesses on their hygiene standards, based on inspections carried out by Stafford Borough Council. Businesses in the area are rated on a scale ranging from 0 which means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ to a top rating of 5 which is ‘very good’. 

So, whether you’re reserving a table at that romantic hotspot, the cosy little café, or planning on ordering a takeaway on your way home for a romantic meal, make sure to check the hygiene rating first!

Look out for the green and black food hygiene rating stickers displayed on windows and doors. If you can’t see a sticker, then ask staff or check online at

Stafford Borough Council has a legal duty to enforce the Food Safety Act.

The Food and Safety Team aims to ensure that, in Stafford Borough: -

  • Safe food is produced
  • Food poisoning and infectious diseases are kept to a minimum
  • Safe work places are provided

The following pages will explain how we operate our Food Safety Service.

We are committed to: -

  • Being aware of community needs and promoting and protecting their interests.
  • Ensuring we direct services thoughtfully to those needs and treat individuals equally according to their needs.
  • Continuously improving performance.

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