How to Reduce Condensation

The first sign of a problem is often water droplets seen on windows and other cold surfaces. This can lead to damp and the growth of black mould. 

Sometimes condensation can be greatly reduced by changing what you do in your home. Try these easy tips for reducing condensation:

  • Keep your heating on low all day in the cold weather
  • Wipe your window sills every morning
  • Leave a space between the back of furniture and cold walls
  • Open windows slightly or use the vent trickle found on most UPVC windows
  • If you have an extractor fan, check whether it is linked to the lighting and turns off when you switch the light off. If this happens, try leaving the light on for a little while after you finish using the room or alternatively, install an extractor fan that has a relative humidity stat
  • When using the bathroom or kitchen, and for some time afterwards, keep the door closed and open a window or put the extractor fan on
  • Try not dry clothes indoors but if you do, put them on a clothes airer in the bathroom with the door closed and window open slightly or extractor fan on
  • Cover pans when cooking and do not leave kettles boiling

If problems continue there are also some changes that you can actually make to your home to help reduce condensation:

  • If you have a room with no windows/windows that do not open, try installing an extractor fan (we suggest getting one with a relative humidity stat)
  • Do not completely block chimneys and flues, they need an air vent
  • If you have a tumble drier, vent it outside or buy a condensing type
  • Do not use paraffin or petroleum (bottled) gas heaters. If you do not have a working fixed heating system (e.g gas boiler and radiators or storage heaters), you may benefit from installing one that can heat all rooms in your home and is controlled by a thermostat and timer
  • You may also wish to consider insulating your home, this could help to keep your home warmer and reduce the heating costs

Find out about the help available to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money on your heating costs.

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