Reducing Energy Consumption - What else have we done?

Saving energy not only helps homeowners, businesses and organisations save money but helps protect our environment.

We're implementing practical measures to reduce energy consumption and also switch to more sustainable means of production.

Measures we have implemented

  • Property Services record and monitor all essential energy data. This is captured, managed and maintained by the team to provide guidance and support to the premise managers linked to peaks and troughs in consumption.
  • We currently purchase more than 10% renewable energy.
  • We have fitted PIR (Passive Infra Red) operated Light Switches in common areas such as the main staircase, all toilets, and filing rooms in the Civic Centre.
  • We have installed a water saving device in every WC cistern. It displaces water so, instead of 7.5 litres of water being used every flush, we now only use 6 litres.
  • Following trials in the male staff toilets, we have made changes in all the men's toilets to conserve water and this will save in the region of a further 1440 litres per day. This was made possible by the introduction of Cistermisers which only requires water to flush the urinals once every 6 hours instead of the previous once every 20 minutes.
  • LED (light emitting diode) lighting has been installed in the Civic Suite foyer and has reduced the demand at each light fitting from 50 Watts to 4 watts.
  • Major mechanical and electrical improvements were implemented to upgrade the heating controls at the Civic Centre in 2011/12. This allows Property Services to control the heating in numerous buildings using sophisticated software and each building manager can do the same at their site only. The BMS works by using multiple thermostats on each floor as oppose to just one thermostat per floor as was previously the case. The average temperature reading of the whole floor is then used to control the boilers. It is expected to make the premises less prone to extremes of heating and save energy.
  • A new lighting project soon to be carried out to upgrade the office lighting in the Civic Centre will save even more energy. 
  • A lighting survey has been carried out at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, and new lighting units with better controls have provided good energy savings along with much easier lighting management. Heating controls have also been installed.
  • A similar survey at the Ancient High House has also provided opportunities for energy savings to be made here too.
  • We promote energy efficiency measures by bulletins sent out in internal communications, placing notices on lights to switch off, and promoting national energy saving campaigns.
  • In partnership with our energy providers the council has engaged in a strategic implementation of smart meters across all sites. This will allow accurate data capture for electricity, providing accurate bills and identifying any issues as they arise.

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