Stafford Play Areas

    Our play areas in Stafford are open all year round unless otherwise stated.

    If you would like to report a fault with a play area or have any feedback about any of the sites you can contact us on 01785 619000 or email us at

    All the following bye laws apply unless otherwise stated:

    • No ball games
    • No alcohol
    • No cycling
    • No dogs [on the spot fine]
    • Please put your litter in the bin

    Allis Close - Allis Close, Stafford ST16 3LA

    Climbing, Swings (Cradle and Group), Skater Slider, Springer, Roundabout

    Barnes Road - Barnes Road, Stafford ST16 9RG

    Swings (Cradle), Multi-play Unit, Roundabout, Springer

    Batholdi Way - Batholdi Way, Meadowcroft Park, Stafford ST17 4XW

    Balancing Board, Multi-play Unit, Stepping Logs, Swings (Flat)

    Bell Close - Bell Close, Stafford ST16 1TJ

    Activity Trail, Swings (Flat)

    Beton Way - Beton Way, Stafford ST6 1TJ

    Roundabout, Junior Multi-play Unit, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Boon Grove - Boon Grove, Stafford ST17 9JZ

    Basket Ball Hoop and Sports Wall

    Brook Glen Road - Brook Glen Road , Stafford ST17 9DQ

    Activity trail, Junior Multi-play unit with slide, Spinner, Swings (Flat and Cradle)

    Cambridge Street - Cambridge Street, Stafford ST16 3PG

    Goal Posts, Junior Multi Play Unit, See saw, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Carling Close - Carling Close, Stafford ST16 1AS

    Balance Beam, Junior Multi-play, Roundabout, Seesaw, Springer

    Carisbrooke Drive - Carisbrooke Drive, Stafford ST17 9JY

    Swings (Flat), Junior Multi-play

    Charnley Road - Henry Street, Stafford ST16 3JE

    Clarendon Drive - Clarendon Drive ST17 9UK

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Spinning, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Coronation Road - Coronation Road Stafford, ST16 3JR

    Balance beam, Toddler Multi-play, Seesaw, Springer

    Creswell Manor Farm - Wootton Drive, Stafford ST16 1PU

    Junior Multi-play unit, roundabout, springer, climbing frame, talking flowers, sports wall, climbing wall

    Danta Way - Danta Way, Stafford ST17 0BA

    Climbing frame, Slide, Swings (Cradle)

    Dawlish Avenue - Dawlish Avenue, Baswich, Stafford ST17 0EU

    Junior Multi-play, Spinger, Spinning, Swings (Flat and Cradle)

    Dryden Crescent - Dryden Crescent, Highfields, Stafford ST17 9YH

    Sports Wall

    Exeter Street - Exeter Street, Stafford ST17 4EP

    Roundabout, Stepping Pods, Swings (Flat and cradle), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Falmouth Avenue - Falmouth Avenue, Stafford ST17 0GY

    Climbing, Goal Posts, Junior Multi-play Unit, Roundabout, Seesaw, Swing (Flat cradle and flat)

    Fernwood - Fernwood, Stafford ST16 1NN

    Springer, Junior Multi-play Unit

    Harrowby - Harrowby Street, Stafford ST16 3TX

    Sports Wall with Basket Ball Hoop

    Holmcroft Road - Holmcroft Road

    Younger children’s play area including: slide, swings and multi play unit.

    Older children’s play area including: Dino tyre swing, aerial runway, embankment slide, wheeled sports area, outdoor gym, MUGA, and climbing rock.

    Inglemere Drive - Inglemere Drive, Wildwood, Stafford ST17 4QX

    Swings (Cradle), Junior Multi-play Unit

    Jupiter Way - Jupiter Way, Meadowcroft Park, Stafford ST17 4YA

    Aero Whirl Overhead Carousel, Multi-play Unit, Rocker Seat, Seesaw, Spinner Carousel, Swing (Cradle)

    Kensington Drive - Kensington Drive Stafford ST18 0WA

    Two metal benches, one litter bin, balance trail, Junior Multi-play, Toddler Multi-play, Rocker Elephant, Rocker Lion, Junior swing bay (2 flat seats), Toddler Swing Bay (2 Cradle seats)

    Lancing Avenue - Lancing Avenue, Stafford ST17 4TW

    Junior Multi-play, Swings (Cradle and Flat) , Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Lawnsfield Walk - Lawnsfield Walk, Parkside, Stafford ST17 4TW

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Springer, Spinner, Swings (Flat and cradle)

    Lineker Close - Copeland Drive, Stone, ST15 8YP

    Balance Beam, Parallel Bars, Spinner Bowl, Springers, Junior Multi-play Unit

    Longhurst Drive - Longhurst Drive, Kingston Hill, Stafford ST16 3RG

    Skate Simulator, Group Swing, Roundabout, Seesaw, Springer

    Lovatt Street - Lovatt Street, Stafford ST16 3DB

    Ball Play Area, Junior Multi-play Unit, Play Panels, Roundabout, Springers, Stepping Pods, Swing (Group), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Meadow Road - Meadow Road, Stafford ST17 4JQ

    Junior Multi-play unit, Multi-use games Area, Roundabout, Springers, Swings (Flat and Cradle), Youth Shelter, 25m Long Ariel Runway, Concrete Wheeled Sports Park, Outdoor Gym (chest press, skier, sit up bench, surfer, pull ups and pull downs)

    Melbourne Crescent - Melbourne Crescent, Stafford ST16 3JU

    Junior Multi-play, Swings (Cradle and Flat) 

    Morton Road - Morton Road, Burton Manor, Stafford, ST17 9NR

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Seesaw, Sports Wall, Swings (flat and cradle)

    Perrin Close - Perrin Close, Rising Brook, Stafford ST17 4EJ

    Activity Trail, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Junior Multi-play, Seesaw, Spinner

    Pitt Street - Pitt Street, Holmcroft, ST16 1PL

    Sports Wall

    Rowley Park - Averill Road, Highfields, Stafford ST17 9XX (7am until park closing)

    Ariel Runway, Climbing Net, Junior Multi-play Unit, Multi-use Games Area, Sand Pit, Seesaw, Springers, Spinners, Stepping Pods, Swings (Cradle, flat and group), Tennis Courts, Toddler Multi-play unit

    Sandyford Street - Sandyford Street, Stafford ST16 3NF

    Activity Trail, Springers, Spinner, Sports Wall, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    St Georges - St Georges Road, Stafford ST17 4LZ

    Climbing, Seesaw, Spinner, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Sundown Drive - Thorneyfields Lane, Stafford ST17 9HZ

    Car Park, Multi-use Games Area

    The Crescent - The Crescent, Doxey, Stafford, ST16 1ED

    Seesaw, Slide, Spinner Bowl, Swings (Flat)

    The Garthlands -The Garthlands, Moss Pit, Stafford ST17 9ZP

    Roundabout, Springer, Swings (Cradle and flat)

    Torridge Drive - Torridge Drive, Stafford ST17 9AT

    Activity Trail, Swings (Flat), Play Panels, Talk Tubers 

    Victoria Park - Victoria Park, Tenterbanks, Stafford ST16 2QP

    Please note: Due to on-going concerns about water usage in the region, the operating hours of Victoria Park’s splash pad will be reduced to 12pm to 4pm Monday to Sunday until further notice and subject to our usual daily safety and temperature checks and demand.

    Climbing Net (7m high), Roundabout, Sand pit and sand diggers, Senior Multi-play Unit, Skate Simulator, Slide (5m high), Springers, Swings (cradle, flat and group), Trampoline, Toddler Multi-play Unit, Wet Play Area (open during summer season only), Wheeled Sports Bowl

    Wayfield Drive - Wayfield Drive, Parkside, Stafford ST16 1TR

    Sports Wall

    Wells Drive - Wells Drive, Stafford ST17 0PL

    Seesaw, Slide, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Wildwood Park - Wildwood Drive, Stafford ST17 4PY

    Play Panels, Roundabouts, Space Net, Swings (Cradle, Flat and Group), Natural play area, Wildwood Den (a playful land form), Toddler Multi-play Unit, Toddler Trampoline, Junior Multi-play Unit, Junior Trampoline, Overhead Rotator, Arial Runway, Skate Park (concrete skate bowl and half pipe), Tennis Court, Multi-use Games Area, Outdoor Gym

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