Stone Play Areas

    Coronavirus: In response to Government advice, we advise not to use the play equipment in ALL Stafford Borough Council parks and play parks until further notice.

    Our play areas in Stone are open all year round unless otherwise stated.

    If you would like to report a fault with a play area or have any feedback about any of the sites you can contact us on 01785 619000 or email us at

    All the following byelaws apply unless otherwise stated:

    • No ball games
    • No alcohol
    • No cycling
    • No dogs [on the spot fine]
    • Please put your litter in the bin

    Copeland Drive - Copeland Drive, Stone ST15 8YP

    Activity Trail, Swings (Cradle, Flat and all inclusive swing seat)

    Heathfield Avenue - Heathfield Avenue, Stone ST15 0HD

    Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Hill Crescent - Hill Crescent, Stone ST15 0AT

    Seesaw, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Pembroke Drive - Pembroke Drive, Aston Lodge Park, Stone ST15 8XE

    Activity Trail, Basket Ball Hoop, Youth Shelter

    Priory Road - Priory Road, Stone ST15 8NN

    Spinner, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Redhill Gardens - Redhill Gardens, Stone ST15 8BH

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Seesaw, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Springwood Drive - Springwood Drive, Aston Lodge Park, Stone ST15 8TU

    Springer, Stepping Pods, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Stonefield Park - Field Terrace, Stone ST15 8HG

    Open all year during park opening hours

    Roundabout, Slide, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    The Lindens - The Lindens, Walton, Stone ST15 0BD

    Play Panels, Spinner, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Talk Tubes, Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Tilling Drive - Tilling Drive, Walton, Stone ST15 0AA

    Car Park, Junior Multi-play Unit, Spinner, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Westbridge Park - Stafford Road, Stone ST15 8QW

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Seesaw

    Whitemill Lane - Stafford Road, Stone ST15 0EG

    Junior Multi-play, Seesaw, Skate Park



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