Stone Play Areas

    Our play areas in Stone are open all year round unless otherwise stated.

    If you would like to report a fault with a play area or have any feedback about any of the sites you can contact us on 01785 619000 or email us at

    All the following byelaws apply unless otherwise stated:

    • No ball games
    • No alcohol
    • No cycling
    • No dogs [on the spot fine]
    • Please put your litter in the bin

    Copeland Drive - Copeland Drive, Stone ST15 8YP

    Activity Trail, Swings (Cradle, Flat and all inclusive swing seat)

    Heathfield Avenue - Heathfield Avenue, Stone ST15 0HD

    Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Hill Crescent - Hill Crescent, Stone ST15 0AT

    Seesaw, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Pembroke Drive - Pembroke Drive, Aston Lodge Park, Stone ST15 8XE

    Activity Trail, Basket Ball Hoop, Youth Shelter

    Priory Road - Priory Road, Stone ST15 8NN

    Spinner, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Redhill Gardens - Redhill Gardens, Stone ST15 8BH

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Seesaw, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Springwood Drive - Springwood Drive, Aston Lodge Park, Stone ST15 8TU

    Springer, Stepping Pods, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Stonefield Park - Field Terrace, Stone ST15 8HG

    Open all year during park opening hours

    Roundabout, Slide, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    The Lindens - The Lindens, Walton, Stone ST15 0BD

    Play Panels, Spinner, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat), Talk Tubes, Toddler Multi-play Unit

    Tilling Drive - Tilling Drive, Walton, Stone ST15 0AA

    Car Park, Junior Multi-play Unit, Spinner, Springer, Swings (Cradle and Flat)

    Westbridge Park - Stafford Road, Stone ST15 8QW

    Junior Multi-play Unit, Seesaw

    Whitemill Lane - Stafford Road, Stone ST15 0EG

    Junior Multi-play, Seesaw, Skate Park



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