Stonefield Park





    Covid-19 Information and Guidance

    Following recent changes to Government guidance bowling and tennis are now permitted under certain circumstances.  Please see below for the latest information.

    In accordance with current Government guidelines, please note that the following parks and facilities are open:

    • Charnley Road
    • Holmcroft
    • Westbridge Park
    • Wildwood Park (Tennis courts open from  25 May 2020)
    • Rowley Park - open to pedestrians only
    • Stafford Castle grounds - open to pedestrians only.  The main gates remain closed to pedestrians and vehicles until further notice
    • Littleworth Park (bowling clubs only) from 25 May 2020
    • Stonefield Park from 25 May 2020
    • Riverway Bowling Greens from 25 May 2020

    For your health and that of the community you must observe the following when visiting those of our parks that remain open:

    • You must stay more than two metres away from other people who are not members of your household.
    • You must not use play areas, equipment or other shared spaces until further notice

    From Monday 25 May Stonefield Park will reopen. This will include the bowling green and tennis courts. The children’s play area, the toilets and buildings will remain closed.

    Social distancing and good hygiene practice must be adhered to on all sites or we will have to reconsider the position on having these areas open.

    More information about our parks from

    Guidance for bowlers is available from the British Crown Green Bowling Association and tennis players at

    Stonefield Park (ST15 8HG) is tucked away in a traditional residential area in the heart of Stone and only a 10 minute walk north of the town centre. Whilst once this was an adults only park, today the park is enjoyed and beloved by all ages. 

    You can keep up to date with Stonefield Park on Facebook.


    • Aviary
    • Bowling Green (open April to September - available for hire)
    • Tennis Courts (Hard Court) (available for hire)
    • Toilets (open during supervised hours)
    • Play Area (Additional Bye laws apply)
      Roundabout, Slide, Swings (Cradle and flat)

    Park History

    The park was opened in by Sir Ernest Johnson on the 24 March 1928 and contained formal flowerbeds, a bandstand two grassed tennis courts and a bowling green. With the exception of the bandstand these features still remain today. 

    Park Opening Hours

    April 9am - 8pm
    May to August 9am - 9pm
    September 9am - 8pm
    October 9am - 6pm
    November to February 9am - 4.30pm
    March 9am - 6pm

    Friends of Stonefield Park

    A Friends of Stonefield Park group has been established and is looking for members to join this locally based group who want to promote Stonefield Park as a valuable community resource.

    If you are interested in joining the group please email

    Getting to Us

    Stonefield Park is located on Field Terrace (of Radford Street), Stone, ST15 8HG. Please note that visitors by car will have to park on the road. You can also reach the park via public transport, please visit Traveline or call 0871 200 2233.



    Park Byelaws

    No Camping or Fires
    No Golf 
    No Motor Vehicles
    No Horse Riding
    Please dispose of your litter properly



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