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Abandoned Vehicles

    Roads, Highways and Pavements

    The Council operates a service for the reporting of vehicles that may have been abandoned on the highway or publicly accessible land.

    To report an abandoned vehicle please complete the online form

    What is an abandoned vehicle?

    It is a motorised vehicle that is intended or adapted for use on the road and includes any trailer chassis or body that can be attached to a vehicle, that the owner has left with no intention of returning to it.

    The council will investigate an alleged abandoned vehicle if it has the following characteristics:

    • Poor condition
    • Vandalised

    The authority has the powers to deal with any vehicle in the open air, however on private land permission has to be sought from the landowner before it can be removed.

    If a vehicle is causing an obstruction or in a dangerous position on the highway, burnt out or is thought to have been involved in crime please report it to the Police.

    Vehicles should not be reported as abandoned to resolve a neighbourhood dispute.

    How to report an abandoned vehicle:

    Please contact us on 01785 619401 with the following details:

    • Make and model (e.g. Ford Mondeo)
    • Colour
    • Registration number
    • Location
    • General condition of vehicle

    An officer from the council will then investigate the matter and determine whether the vehicle has been abandoned and deal with it accordingly.

    How long will it take to remove the vehicle?

    This depends on the circumstances and status of the vehicle. However for guidance;

    • Burnt out vehicles are removed as soon as possible
    • Wrecked vehicles are usually removed within 3 days
    • All other abandoned vehicles are usually removed within 10 days


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