Dog Collection Service

    The Council has a duty to control stray and unaccompanied dogs (Environmental Protection Act 1990).

    The term 'stray' refers to any dog which is not accompanied by an owner or other person with responsibility for that dog in a public place.  This applied regardless of whether the dog carries identification or wears a collar.

    Since the introduction of the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014, from 6 April 2016 all dogs must be chipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are eight weeks old.

    We scan all dogs we find straying. Where possible dogs that are microchipped are reunited with their owners, if they can be contacted at the time the dog collection service calls to collect a dog (a fee of £25 is payable to Stafford Borough Council). In all other cases stray dogs will be taken to our kennels, and the microchip details will be used to contact the owner and advise them that we are holding the dog and the fees that apply. Collected dogs will be kept safely for up to eight days. See below for more information about collecting your dog.

    I have seen/found a stray dog

    If the dog is wearing a collar and tag giving details of the owner's name and address, if possible, return the dog. Alternatively, contact Operational Services on 01785 619401 or email to arrange collection by the dog warden. The more details you can provide when reporting will help us to successfully return the dog to its owner.

    Please note, the council operatives can only collect stray dogs during the following working hours:
    8.30am - 4.15pm Monday - Thursday
    8.30am - 3.45pm Friday

    Stray dogs can only be collected from an identifiable premises or place. Please help us by tethering the dog or securing in a garden.

    I have lost my dog

    You should contact Operational Services on 01785 619401 during normal officer hours or email as soon as possible to report that your dog is missing. You will need to give as many details as possible such as:

    •    Where and when the dog was last seen?
    •    What colour, size and breed is it?
    •    Is it tagged and micro chipped?
    •    Your name address and contact details

    Reclaiming your dog

    Dogs may only be reclaimed from the kennels during the following hours:

    11.00am - 4.45pm Monday-Friday
    11.00am - 4.45pm Saturday
    (Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays)

    During weekends and evenings please ring the kennels first to arrange collection.

    To reclaim your dog from the kennels, a statutory fee of £50 is payable to Stafford Borough Council plus any kennelling and vet’s fees incurred in looking after your dog. Currently these payments must be by cash or cheque and are payable directly to the kennels on collection.

    Birmingham Dogs Home, Sunnyside Lane, Cross Green, Wolverhampton, WV10 7PN
    01902 790618

    Dangerous or banned dogs

    The Police are responsible for taking action where dogs are dangerously out of control and for the keeping of illegal breeds of dog.

    A dog is dangerously out of control if “a dog injures a person or behaves in a way that makes a person worried that it might injure them”.

    Report directly to Staffordshire Police (dangerous and banned dogs) telephone 101.

    More information about banned or dangerous dogs can be found on the government website.


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