Your Pest Control Services - Annual Pestport Conditions

Pestport covers up to three treatments for either category of pest covered by the scheme. These are Rodents (rats or mice) and Insects (wasp nests, ants [not flying ants] and fleas).

The fee covers a 12 month period commencing with the start date of the contract when payment is received. 

We will contact you to arrange a treatment within 5 working days, excluding Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

Where Pestport is taken out at the lower fee, i.e. on the understanding that there is no existing pest problem, no requests for treatment may be made within 14 days of the start date of the Pestport contract. 

  • No refunds will be given if members withdraw from the scheme. 
  • Premiums will be transferable for residents moving premises within the Borough. 
  • Premiums will not be transferable from one resident to another. 

The scheme applies to domestic premises only; any premises with a commercial element are excluded from the scheme. We offer separate contracts  for business premises. 

Stafford Borough Council reserves the right to withdraw from the scheme at any time and refund any premiums paid. 

This scheme is open to residents within Stafford Borough Council.  

All work is carried out under the current Health and Safety Regulations.  The Pest Control Officers reserve the right not to treat unsafe and inaccessible areas or those areas unsuitable for treatment as determined by the Pest Controller. 

Regard should be given to the safety advice sheet supplied at the time of treatment. 

Ants and Fleas

  1. Will only be treated where there is evidence of an infestation within the house 
  2. Ants will not be treated outside 
  3. Spray treatment can take up to 2 weeks to take full effect 
  4. Treatments will be limited to 3 visits in total.
  5. The insecticide spray treatment incorporates a residual poison, which can be effective for up to 6 weeks and should be left undisturbed as much as possible. 
  6. Cleaning, washing or vacuuming of treated areas should be avoided for two weeks we therefore recommend vacuuming and cleaning of affected areas before treatment is carried out 
  7. Flying ants are not included in this scheme; these may be controlled with a fly spray. 

Wasps Nests

  1. Wasps nests will only be treated within the boundary of the premises registered on the scheme 
  2. Only accessible and active wasps nests will be treated 
  3. Wasps nests will be treated but not removed, leave for two weeks after treatment should you wish to remove the nest yourself. Please follow the Health and Safety information provided by the Pest Controller. 


  1. Mice infestations will only be treated when there is evidence of an infestation within the domestic dwelling registered on the scheme. 
  2. Mice infestations will only be treated within buildings and/or outbuildings within domestic premises.  Mice will not be treated outside. 


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