Groups of Staff More at Risk

Some groups of staff may be more at risk of experiencing work-related violence. These include young workers, trainees, temporary workers, night shift workers and lone workers.

You may need to consider extra control measures for these employees in your workplace.

  • Young workers and trainees may be more at risk because they have had less training on how to deal with angry customers, robbery and sexual harassment. They may also have more difficulty recognising dangerous situations through lack of experience.
  • Temporary workers may be more at risk because they may have received less training or information on work-related violence than permanent staff.
  • Night or shift workers, including late evening workers, can be at greater risk as more violent incidents occur at night time. Also, certain days of the week or certain times are more hazardous, for example opening and closing times or during delivery of goods. Key holders can feel particularly vulnerable.
  • Lone workers can be at greater risk as they do not have the support of colleagues who could deter potential attackers, or provide immediate help and support if there is a problem.

Control Measures

Work out what you are already doing, whether your control measures are working properly and if there is anything else you need to do. This will help you decide whether you are doing enough.

It is also good practice to ask your staff for their ideas and feedback.

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