Local Development Scheme

    The Local Development Scheme 2021 sets out the Council's work programme for the preparation of new planning policy documents, together with a description of their contents. This is updated from time to time to reflect progress with existing policy documents and the inclusion of new ones in the work programme.

    On 4 November 2021 the Council's Cabinet approved an updated programme for the New Local Plan 2020-2040, summarised below:-

    Process Stage Proposed Completion Date
    Commencement July 2017
    Issues and Options Report July 2018 to April 2020
    Preferred Options Report June and July 2022
    Formal publication of the proposed new plan July to September 2023
    Submission of the proposed new plan to the Planning Inspectorate November 2023
    Examination of the proposed new plan February 2024
    Adoption of the new local plan October 2024


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