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    Council - 19 November 2019 (pdf 792kb)

    Special Council - 19 November 2019 (pdf 549kb)

    Resources Scrutiny Committee - 18 November 2019 (pdf 1.5mb)

    Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee - 14 November 2019 (pdf 4mb)

    Economic Development and Planning Scrutiny Committee - 12 November 2019 (pdf 808kb)

    Special Planning Committee - 12 November 2019 (pdf 1.5mb)

    Digest No 261 - 8 November 2019 (pdf 4.5mb) 

    Committee Information:

    Special Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee - 16 July 2019

    Homeless and Rough Sleeper Strategy and Allocation Policy Review and Proposed Merger Between Stafford and Rural Homes and Housing Plus:-

    Members Briefing Programme

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