Recycling and Waste - Additional, Larger or Smaller Bins

    To order a bin or caddy please email your request, along with your address and postcode, to or call our Waste Management team on 01785 619402. Deliveries can take up to 10 working days.

    As standard, Stafford Borough Council provides one bin per household for each service you receive - green (general waste), blue (mixed recycling) and brown (garden waste).  See below further options for larger, smaller and additional bins - please note that only one green bin can be issued per property.

    General Waste - Standard Green Bin

    The standard size green bin for residents in Stafford Borough is 180 litres, replacing the previously issued 240 litre bins. This size bin is provided to all new properties and as a replacement bin for missing and damaged bins.

    The 180 litre bin can also be provided on request if you are finding the existing bin too large for your requirements.

    A replacement 240 litre bin can also be provided for a one-off charge of £40.

    General Waste - Larger Green Bin

    We are able to provide a larger green bin to those properties that have five or more permanent residents at a property.  You will be asked to confirm the people residing at the property before the bin is delivered, please note that we reserve the right to investigate the request using data at our disposal.

    The larger bin will replace your existing green bin. 

    Recycling - Additional Blue Bin

    If you need more room for your mixed recycling in the blue bin, the paper caddy can be taken out and placed at the side of the bin for collection allowing extra capacity in the main blue bin.

    If the caddy is placed beside the bin for collection, please place the paper inside a carrier bag to prevent it from blowing away or becoming excessively wet. The carrier bag will not be returned but will be recycled.

    We also ask that you flatten all cardboard, packaging and plastic bottles to ensure the maximum capacity of the original bin is made use of.

    Please note that if the additional capacity requirement is only occasional, e.g. following the Christmas period, then excess recycling can also be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

    If, after trying the above, you still require an additional blue bin please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

    Garden Waste - Additional Brown Bin

    An additional brown bin can be supplied.  There is an annual charge for the provision of this bin which is currently £36 per year. The period covered by this payment is from April to March and there are no pro rata discounts.

    You will be contacted annually to confirm whether the bin will still be required for a further 12 month period.  Details of the annual charge and payment methods will be included in this letter.


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