Stone Cemetery

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    Stone Cemetery is one of three sites operated by Stafford Borough Council. Tixall Road Crematorium being the main site and Stone Cemetery and Eccleshall Road Cemetery are the two ‘sister’ sites. 

    Stone is unique within the council’s three cemeteries in that it has a woodland site in which burials take place. After each interment a tree is planted; native species, such as oak and lime, are preferred as they are well suited to the soil and climatic conditions at Stone cemetery. 

    Many families desire to bring their loved ones back to Stone after cremation in Tixall Road Crematorium or elsewhere in the country and the demand for cremated remains graves continue to grow at Stone.

    All the Stafford Borough Council cemeteries are supported by The Friends of Stafford Cemeteries. If you would like more information about the work of the Friends group, you can follow them on their Facebook page or you can contact Bereavement Services.

    Woodland Burials

    Stone cemetery is currently the only Borough Council-owned site where the option of a woodland burial is available. It has now become an increasingly popular choice and a valued option for local people. 

    Trees marking grave sites

    Stunning views from the woodland area

    A Brief History

    Stone Cemetery opened in 1903 and is a traditional cemetery. The first interment was in October of the same year. 

    Since opening, both the Urban and Parish Councils played their part in supplying grave spaces for the residents in Stone. This responsibility changed in 1971 when the whole site came under the responsibility of Stafford Borough Council. The cemetery has been in constant use and is currently still open for the sale of new graves both full earthen, and cremated remains.

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