Stone Play Areas - Westbridge Park

    Covid-19 Information and Guidance

    In accordance with current Government guidelines, please note that the following parks are open:

    • Charnley Road
    • Holmcroft.
    • Westbridge Park
    • Wildwood Park 

    For your health and that of the community you must observe the following when visiting those of our parks that remain open:

    • You must stay more than two metres away from other people who are not members of your household.
    • You must not use play areas, equipment or other shared spaces


    • Junior Multiplay Unit
    • Seesaw

    Opening times

    All year


    • No ball games
    • No alcohol
    • No cycling
    • No dogs [on the spot fine]
    • Please put your litter in the bin


    Stafford Road, Stone, ST15 8QW.

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