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This is a list of our frequently asked questions, if you find that your question isn't listed feel free to contact us on 01785 619402.

My bin and/or blue bag was missed or not emptied on collection day

If your refuse or recycling has not been collected there may be a number of reasons why. These may include:

  • The bin or blue bag not being placed out at the correct time.
  • Contains unsuitable items, please see the 'Know Your Bins' page for acceptable items for each bin and the blue bag.
  • The bin may be excessively heavy or the bin lid was not closed.
  • Vehicle breakdown or traffic issues may also hinder collection, in this situation alternative arrangements will be made to collect your bins.
  • Adverse weather conditions might also affect your collection days

If you feel that your bin or blue bag collection has been genuinely missed please contact us on 01785 619402 where a member of our team will deal with your enquiry or report it online.

Information Hangers for Rejection

An information hanger will have been placed on your bin or blue bag giving the reason for non-collection.

In this instance the bin/bag will not be emptied until the next scheduled collection day for that bin/bag providing that the incorrect items have been removed.

What do I do if my bin or blue bag is rejected?

If you remove the unwanted items the bin or blue bag will be emptied on your next scheduled collection day for that bin or bag.

What do I do if I have a full bin or blue bag even after I have removed the unwanted items and cannot wait until the next scheduled collection day?

You will need to make your own arrangements for taking the contents to your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

What do I do if I did not put the unwanted items in the bin or blue bag?

Unfortunately, you are responsible for the contents of the bins/bag until it is collected.

If possible try and present your bin and/or bag on the morning of collection instead of the night before.

A common contamination complaint is that people passing are placing items in the bin.

What if I do not remove the unwanted items?

The bin and/or blue bag will only be collected when the items have been removed.

Why can’t the bin collectors remove the unwanted items?

Due to the method of collection the operatives do not handle the contents of the bins or bag.

What goes in each bin and the blue bag?

Please take a look at our Know your bins for more information.

Waste placed beside the bin has not been taken

Unauthorised side waste placed beside any bin will not be taken.

Additional waste and recycling, including over sized cardboard or cardboard that cannot be flattened should be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres at St Albans Road, Stafford and Beacon Road, Stone.

My blue/brown/green bin or blue bag is damaged or missing

Please check with your neighbours first to see if they have taken your bin or blue bag by mistake.

We recommend that you wait 72 hours before reporting a missing bin/bag. If you can't find the bin/bag then a replacement can be ordered, the following charges will apply:

General Waste Recycling Garden Waste

180 litre - Free of charge

240 litre - £44.50

240 litre - £11.15

Blue Bag - free of charge

240 litre - £26.50

180 litre Green Wheeled Bins

The standard size green bin for residents in Stafford Borough is 180 litres, replacing the previously issued 240 litre bins. This size bin is provided to all new properties and as a replacement bin for missing and damaged bins.

The 180 litre bin can also be provided on request if you are finding the existing bin too large for your requirements.

A replacement 240 litre bin can also be provided for a one-off charge of £44.50.

If your bin or bag has been damaged, you will need to order a replacement bin and the above charges will apply.

If a bin has been damaged and the fault lies with the collection crew they will record it and the new bin will be supplied free of charge.

To order a replacement bin or blue bag you can email your request, along with your address and postcode, to or call our Waste Management team on 01785 619402.

Deliveries can take up to 10 working days.

Why am I being charged for a replacement bin?

The charges are to cover the administration, supply and the delivery of bins.

The bins will remain our property and must remain at the property to which they have been issued.

Why is it a one off charge for a 240 litre green bin but an annual charge for an additional brown bin?

The garden waste service is different, its not a statutory service but is one that we have opted to provide - one brown bin per household. Additional bins are provided at a charge to cover the cost of the bin and collection.

Can I appeal or complain about the charge?

You can log a complaint, however, the charge for wheeled bins has been agreed as Council Policy and as such has been agreed by elected members.

Does everyone have to pay the same charges?

Yes. There are no concessions offered for elderly residents or those in receipt of benefits.

Can I put my house name/number on my bins and blue bag?

It is advisable to mark all of your bins and your blue bag (white panel on flap) with the house name or number to easily identify them.  

I have small electrical items or batteries to recycle

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Used Household Batteries

Can I put textiles in my blue bin?

Textile and Clothing Collection

I need a larger, additional or smaller bin

Additional/Larger Bins

I have a problem getting my bins to the collection point because I am elderly/disabled/infirm

For those households where all residents have difficulty in placing their bin and blue bag out for collection we are able to provide an assisted collection service.

Further details on assisted collections. 

I do not receive a kerbside collection service - where else can I recycle?

Staffordshire County Council operate Household Waste Recycling Centres at St Albans Road, Stafford and Beacon Road, Stone.

Do recycled items need to be cleaned out?

Please ensure all items are empty, rinsed and free from food waste.

Labels and stickers do not need to be removed.

Please remove lids and place separately in the blue bin.

Can I dispose of food waste in the Brown Bin?

Food waste cannot currently be composted in our brown bins.

Food waste can be composted in a home compost bin.

Please click this link if you are interested in buying a composter

How do I dispose of cooking oil?

Don't pour cooking oil down the sink or toilet as it can cause blockages. 

Small amounts of used cooking oil from your household can go in your green bin but you must put the oil into a sealed container such as a glass jar or plastic bottle with a lid, or you can use rags to soak up spillages and put them in a plastic bag. 

Please make sure the oil is fully cooled before you attempt to poor it into a container or to mop it up.

Do not pour oil directly into your green bin. Solidified cooking fat can be placed in sealed plastic bags and placed in your green bin.

If you are a commercial premises, you must make arrangements to dispose of used cooking oil through a waste disposal company.

Will my green bin still be emptied if I put recyclables in it?

Yes, the recycling services that we provide are not compulsory and a green bin will be emptied if it contains recyclable material. However, we would ask that all householders consider using all of the bins and the blue bag available to them.

What is the best way to wrap up food waste when the household bin is taken on alternate weeks?

Food waste can be contained in tied carrier bags and/or newspaper to prevent odours; bin bags can also continue to be used in the green bin.

Where possible, keep the green bin lid closed when not in use.

Is there a collection service available for incontinence products?

This waste is not clinical waste and should be disposed of in the green bin. Should this cause capacity issues in the bin please let us know and we can discuss the options with you.

How do I make a comment or complaint about the refuse and recycling collection service?

If you wish to pass on comments or complaints please ring us on 01785 619402 or use our online form.

I would like to report an accident/incident involving one of your vehicles

To report an accident/incident involving a refuse/recycling vehicle operated by Veolia please contact us on 01785 619402.

Can I leave out items for the scrap metal dealers?

For information on scrap metal dealers, take a look at alternative waste collectors.

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