Sustainability - How can I get involved

There is no question that we all need to be more eco-friendly and adopt more sustainable lifestyles. We can do that in our everyday lives in many ways.

By taking a few easy steps you can help make Stafford a better, more sustainable place to live. Try following these '21 Tips For The Twenty First Century' and if you do all of this already, well done!

At Home

  • Recycle or re-use as much as you can, including paper, cans, glass, textiles
  • Save energy by insulating your home, fitting low energy light bulbs, draught proofing doors and windows, switching off unused appliances
  • Save water by taking showers rather than baths, putting a 'water hippo' into the cistern and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth

At Work

  • Where possible try to walk, cycle, lift-share or use public transport for journeys to work
  • Use energy and water efficient appliances and equipment
  • Join the Staffordshire Business and Environment Network
  • Enter the annual Stafford Borough Green Awards to share your own good environmental practice
  • Carry out an environmental audit of your workplace

In the Garden

At the Shops

  • Use local shops and services
  • Visit the local Farmers' Markets in Stafford and Stone
  • Buy recycled products and try to avoid over-packaged items
  • Look for Fairtrade products
  • Try out the organic selection

Out and About

  • Never drop litter and always report tipping to the Council
  • Get involved in local community initiatives and environmental projects
  • Enjoy the outdoors and get healthy too by walking and cycling

If you want to get together with other local people who share concern for the environment, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

There are some fantastic local groups and organisations, such as Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Sustainability Matters, the local Mammal Group, Back 2 Bikes, Friends of the Earth Stafford, Derrington Way Ahead and more. Or you could always start your own group or sustainable community.

Sustainable Communities

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