Accommodation Certificates

Immigration Inspections

People wishing to move into Stafford Borough to live from a country outside the EEC have to confirm that they are moving into accommodation that is of a suitable standard that will not be made overcrowded by their arrival.

Before any inspection is carried out, an application form (pdf 362kb) should be completed. The application form needs to be completed and signed by the sponsor. The form gives us information relating to occupancy and for clarity, names and relationships as spelt on the application are used to produce the letter.

The property you intend to live in must be owned or occupied exclusively by you and your family. Applications received for rented accommodation which is shared with members of another family cannot be accepted. This Proof of Ownership Form (pdf 273kb) needs to be completed and given in to the Council.

Before we inspect, we will ask to see some documentation from the immigration authorities to show that you are in the process of making an application. This might take the form of a letter or official form from the relevant High Commission with the proposed immigrants name and a reference number with which to associate the application.


A named individual normally has to sponsor the person moving into the area and this individual or sponsor is asked by the immigration authority for proof that the property being moved into, is suitable. The British High Commission usually ask that this work is undertaken by a suitably qualified Surveyor or Environmental Health Officer. The survey is designed to ensure that the accommodation meets the following criteria :-

  • is free from Category 1 and 2 Hazards under the Housing Act 2004,
  • is in a reasonable state of repair, and
  • has sufficient space to accommodate both the existing occupiers and any additional people who propose to live there.

For sponsors who are living in privately rented accommodation we ask that a copy of the current gas safety certificate be provided.

The Inspection

You will be asked to show us around your property, outlining who occupies the house, and which rooms they sleep in. During the course of the inspection, we will make a judgement on whether the property is suitable and safe for occupation, and whether it would become statutorily overcrowded by the addition of the person seeking entry to the UK.

We may ask you additional questions if we are unclear on anything that we have seen or that you have told us, and may ask you to provide additional documentation to support what you have told us.
When we have completed our investigations, you will be supplied with a letter, usually within 7 days of our visit, that will state: 

  • Your name and the name(s) of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK. 
  • The address of the property inspected. 
  • Who owns, and who occupies the property. 
  • How the property is occupied, and by whom. 
  • Whether the property was fit for human habitation at the time of our inspection. 
  • Whether the property would be statutorily overcrowded by the addition of the person seeking entry to the UK.
  • The name of the Officer to contact for further information.

Please Note:

  • We will not supply letters unless we have inspected the property. 
  • The Immigration Authorities will not accept letters that are greater than 12 weeks old. 
  • If your letter expires on this ground, we will not issue another until we have carried out a full investigation again.


The Council will charge for this service in accordance with its Fees and Charges policy.

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