Rented Property Conditions and Management

If you are worried about the condition or management of a rented property you live in, our Housing Standards Team may be able to help as we have powers to make sure that any serious and immediate hazards that could be harmful to your health are removed.

What should I expect from a rented property?

Our Tenant Information Pack contains details of what you should expect in a rented property and what yours and your landlord’s responsibilities are.

What should I do if my landlord does not keep to the rules?

First contact your landlord and explain clearly and politely what your concerns are.  If possible, do this in writing and always keep a copy of any communications.  If your landlord does not fix the problem in a reasonable time, then you should contact our Housing Standards Team for advice on 01785 619000. 

What should I not do?

Do not stop communicating with your landlord - It is best to maintain a good relationship with your landlord, especially if you want to continue living in the property

Do not stop paying your rent - If you build up rent arrears your landlord may evict you and then you may struggle to find new accommodation

What will happen if I contact the Council?

We will first need to know details about the problem and what you have told your landlord.  We will then contact your landlord for an update on what they have been doing to fix the problem.  In some cases we may need to arrange a visit with you or your landlord so that we can do an assessment of the property.  We will work with your landlord to fix the problem and in some cases, may take formal action against them if they do not fix the problem in a reasonable time.

What if my landlord evicts me?

A landlord can ask for their property back at anytime but must do so in the proper way so that they are not evicting you illegally.  We will work with your landlord, wherever possible, to make sure that you can stay in the tenancy.  Where this is not possible, you may wish to see what help our Housing Options Team can offer in finding a new home.

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