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    Why has the recycling service changed?Your bin service - coronavirus updates

    Your new blue bag is for paper and cardboard only. 

    It will enable us to improve the quality of the recycling we collect in the borough and for all recyclable materials to be processed in the UK.

    The bag should be put out for collection alongside the blue bin. The existing paper caddy will no longer be used. 

    Due to the coronavirus we have been unable to send out the comprehensive information booklet and calendar yet.  But you can download the relevant pages from the booklet below:

    Blue BAGBlue BIN

    There are some items that you can no longer put in the blue bin, the following should now all be put in the green bin:

    • Carrier or plastic bags
    • Crisp bags and sweet wrappers
    • Cellophane and food wrapping
    • Waxed cartons eg Fruit juice or long life milk
    • Black plastic trays
    • Hard plastic – toys, buckets etc

    The contents of your green bin are not sent to landfill – please see for further information.

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