The new blue bag for paper and cardboard - it's on the way


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    Stafford Borough residents will soon receive letters advising of changes to how we are collecting paper and cardboard. The existing paper caddy will no longer be used and will be replaced by a reusable blue bag for paper and cardboard mixed together, the bag will be put out for collection alongside the blue bin.

    The blue bag will enable us to improve the quality of the recycling we collect in the Borough and for all recyclable materials to be processed in the UK.  

    The bags will be delivered with an information leaflet in mid March 2020.  Residents will also receive a comprehensive information booklet and calendar towards the end of March 2020 providing further information.

    What can I recycle using the Blue Bag?
    Please make sure all cardboard is flattened to ensure the maximum room available in the new blue bag.


    • Cereal boxes
    • Food sleeves
    • Product packaging
    • Mailing boxes
    • Plain greetings card
    • Egg boxes
    • Toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes


    • Magazines & comics
    • Newspapers
    • Letters (personal details removed)
    • Envelopes (inc windows)
    • Brown paper
    • Catalogues
    • Phone directories
    • Junk mail & leaflets
    • Shredded paper

    There are also some changes to what can be recycled in the blue bin.  Plastic, cans and glass can continue to be recycled in the blue bin but some plastic items will no longer be accepted in the blue bin – more information will be provided online soon and with the new calendar next month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the blue bag reusable?

    Yes, the bag is reusable and weatherproof.

    Won’t the contents of the blue bag get wet or blow away?

    No, the bag has a fastening lid that will secure the contents inside the bag. The bag is also weighted which should prevent it blowing away.

    How will I know which blue bag is mine?

    There is a white address panel on the lid of the blue bag for you to write your address details on with a permanent marker.

    How much paper and cardboard will the blue bag hold?

    The bag is 72 litres (your current paper caddy is 45 litres). Cardboard should be flattened to ensure the maximum amount can fit in your blue bag.

    Can I have additional blue bags?

    Yes, additional blue bags can be supplied on request.

    What will happen with my old paper caddy?

    You can keep your caddy for storage around the home.

    Can I continue to use my caddy for paper and cardboard?

    No, the blue bag system replaces the caddy system entirely, any recycling presented in the caddy will not be collected.

    Will my collection day change?

    No, there are no plans to change your collection day.

    Will my blue bin be emptied if it contains paper or cardboard?

    No, this will be classed as contamination in the blue bin and the bin will not be emptied – please only use the blue bag for paper and cardboard.

    Where does all the recycling go?

    We want all our recycling to be processed in the UK – these changes will enable that to happen. 

    Will you take excess cardboard?

    Yes, cut up extra cardboard or tear it into small pieces (the size of your blue bag) and secure together (ie) flat packed into another cardboard box. Leave beside your blue bag for collection.

    Alternatively, you can take excess or large cardboard to the Household Waste Recycling Centres at St Albans Road, Stafford or Beacon Road, Stone.

    What will you do with the empty bags after collection?

    The empty bags will be left beside your blue bins following collection, they are weighted so should not blow away.  They will not be left inside your bin as they are difficult to retrieve from the bottom of an empty bin.

    My blue bag has gone missing, how do I get a new one?

    Please email or call 01785 619402 if your bag is lost or stolen.

    Please make sure that you write your address details on the white panel of your blue bag with a permanent marker to identify your bag.

    My bag is too heavy when full to move, what do I do?

    Please contact us to order an additional bag if you are regularly finding that your bag is too heavy.  You may find that spreading the contents evenly across two bags will be easier to carry.

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