High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2031

    High Offley Parish Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of High Offley, including Woodseaves, in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

    The Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Plan to Stafford Borough Council for independent Examination. The submission of the High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2031 is accompanied by a Basic Conditions Statement, a Consultation Statement and a Screening Assessment.

    Please click on the following links to view the submitted documents:

    Publication and Consultation of the Neighbourhood Plan

    As required by Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, the Council invited representations during a public consultation on the submission version of the High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2031. The consultation took place between 25 September 2019 and 29 November 2019.

    Independent Examination

    Following the Regulation 16 consultation, the Council has now collated all of the submitted responses received, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link below:

    With the agreement of High Offley Parish Council, Mr Nigel McGurk BSc(Hons), MCD MBA MRTPI  has been appointed as the independent Examiner to consider the Submission High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Representations to the Submission High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan have been sent to the appointed Examiner, along with the submitted documents, so that the Neighbourhood Plan can be Examined.

    As part of the Examination process a number of queries have been raised by the independent Examiner, with responses provided by High Offley Parish Council and Stafford Borough Council. Please click on the following links below to view more details:

    Next Steps

    Following the Examination, the appointed Examiner produced an Examiner’s Report and recommended that, subject to modifications, the Plan can be put to a public Referendum. The Council must now consider the Examiner’s report and make a decision on whether to put the Plan to public Referendum or refuse the Plan. If agreed, the Council will arrange a Referendum. If more than 50% of the votes at the Referendum are in favour of the Plan it will form part of Stafford Borough’s local development plan.

    To find out more about the High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan, please visit: High Offley Parish Council's website.

    How we will use your details

    The independent Examiner will consider all representations received, using them to inform the next stage of the process for the High Offley Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2031.  Comments cannot be treated as confidential. Your personal information, such as your postal and email address will not be published and signatures will be redacted, but your name and organisation will be made available. We will only use your personal information to send you information on the Neighbourhood Plan and associated planning policy matters.

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