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    Council Tax 2021/22

    The amount of money required by the Council (its budget requirement for 2021/22 to carry out its functions and provide services is £11.526 million (£12.358 million in 2020/21).

    A proportion of this is met from Business Rates Retention with the balance being met from council taxpayers. 

    The table below provides an analysis of the funding of the budget requirement and illustrates how the charge of £162.30 for a Band D property is calculated.


    Budget 2021/22

    Band D Equivalent

    Budget Requirement 11,526 240.15
    Less Business Rates Retention 3,737 77.85
    Council Tax Requirement




    Further details about the Council's spending plans and the Council Tax for 2021/22 can be obtained from the Council Tax Booklet

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