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    Council Tax 2019/20

    The amount of money required by the Council (its budget requirement for 2019/20 to carry out its functions and provide services is £12.203 million (£11.411 million in 2018/19).
    A proportion of this is met from Business Rates Retention with the balance being met from council taxpayers. (For 2018/19 Revenue Support Grant was also receivable).
    The table below provides an analysis of the funding of the budget requirement and illustrates how the charge of £156.30 for a Band D property is calculated.


    Budget 2019/20

    Band D Equivalent

    Budget Requirement 12,203 256.95
    Less Business Rates Retention 4,780 100.65
    Council Tax Requirement




    Further details about the Council's spending plans and the Council Tax for 2019/20 can be obtained from the Council Tax Booklet

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