Our Mission Statement

    Stafford Borough Council's benefit service aims to meet the needs of the community by providing a secure and efficient service that is accessible to all, where the right benefit is paid at the right time and a service that contributes positively to the overall welfare of the community.

    • The Department for Work and Pensions national figures for June to September 2019 confirms Stafford Borough Council as processing new claims at an average of 19 days; this is in line with the national average. Change in circumstances were processed at an average of 4 days, this is 1 day slower than the national average of 3 days. See our latest performance information.
    • The Benefit Service now has a number of on line forms. Click on the link and choose the form you need.
    • The Government has made changes to the Benefit Scheme. For more information clink on the COVID-19 link below,
    • There is a new look to our Local Council Tax Support from 1 April 2020. For more information click on the Local Council Tax Support Scheme link below.

    Benefit Online Forms

    Advice for Landlords

    Benefit Appeals

    Benefit Cap

    Benefit Overpayments 

    Benefit Service Standards and Customer Feedback

    Benefit Welfare Visits (this link will direct you to Cannock Chase District Council's website as Stafford Borough Council operate a shared Revenues and Benefits service with Cannock Chase District Council)

    Changes in Circumstance 

    Covid-19 Benefit Changes. The Government and DWP have made some changes to the benefit scheme, please view the Benefits Bulletin for more detail

    Discretionary Housing Payments

    Guide to Housing and Local Council Tax Reduction

    Help and Advice 

    Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

    Non-Dependant Deductions

    On-line Calculator

    Request for Information

    Under Occupancy

    Benefit Fraud - If you require information on Benefit Fraud or if you think that someone is receiving benefit that they may not be entitled to please see our Benefit Investigations webpage.

    A to Z of Services