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Development of the Plan for Stafford Borough

    The Plan for Stafford Borough has been produced inseveral stages with on-going consultation and sustainabilityappraisal at each stage.

    DevelopmentStrategy and Principles for Settlement Development

    In 2008 these initial stages identified differentscenarios for development, ranging from all development at Stafford, to equaldispersal across a range of settlements. It also established the three keycategories of sustainable settlements.

    Issuesand Options

    In 2009 this stage established a vision, objectives andproposed development locations. At the time the Regional Spatial Strategy wasbeing considered and there was a chance the housing allocations for Staffordborough could increase.

    DraftCore Policies

    In 2010 this stage set out a range of proposed planningpolicies, some site specific and some topic based.


    In May 2010, the Government signalled its intention toabolish the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy. As a result of thissignificant policy change, the Council consulted on the approach to be taken.

    DraftPublication and Strategic Policy Choices

    In 2011/2012 these stages set out the final wording ofproposed policies. Following the publication of the National Planning PolicyFramework, slight changes were made to the Plan for Stafford Borough to inform conformitywith the new national requirements. These were consulted on in summer 2013.


    In August 2013 the Council submitted the Plan for Stafford Borough to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination.

    Main Modifications

    Following the hearing sessions, and the receipt of the Inspectors Recommendations for Further Main Modifications the Council produced and consulted on a schedule of Main Modifications.


    The Council received the Inspector's Final Report on the 11 June 2013, and Plan for Stafford Borough was adopted by the Council on the 19 June 2014.

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